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St Vincent College of Education, named after the first Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Yendi, Most Rev. Vincent Sowah BOI-NAI, SVD was established on the 15th of September 2011. On that day began the formal excavations and foundation cast for the construction of the first block of three lecture halls and four offices, with lavatories and huge verandas for the nascent St Vincent College of Education. This was the realisation of one of the dreams of Bishop Boi-Nai who always wanted to solve in a special way the unprecedented rate of failures in most of the basic schools in Yendi and its rural environs, failures which prevent a great number of rural students from any academic progression after Primary and JSS. This teachers’ training facility in Yendi, would be dedicated mainly to educating young men and ladies, willing to sacrifice and live and work among disadvantaged rural people as effective, morally disciplined, well-skilled and diligent teachers who are committed to transforming rural school pupils into great academic achievers. .

2018 International Alumni Award winner: Erasmus Norviewu-Mortty

ECU's Alumni Awards publicly celebrate and recognise alumni who embody the University's values through their hard work and achievements. As the winner of the International Alumni Award Erasmus is a highly-qualified, globally-concerned scholar, practitioner and citizen.






CXPC+MRG, Yendi, Tamale, Ghana

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Monday- Friday : 7:00am - 5:00 pm

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